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Concerns over starved baby family
Neil and Alison Baker
Parents Neil and Alison Baker are in jail
Concerns had been raised about a Swindon family in which a baby was starved to death by her parents, a report has shown.

Kimberley Baker died in 2005 aged 11 months weighing just 10 pounds.

The report, by agencies involved in the case, said health visitors and social workers had visited the family home in the years before Kimberley's death.

Hilary Pitts, of the local Safeguarding Children Board, said there had been no indication that Kimberley was at risk.

"I have no evidence to suggest [Kimberly could have been saved].

"The professionals were not alerted in any way to the fact that she was at risk.

"Had she been identified in that way, the agencies would have been able to support and intervene," she added.

Manslaughter charge

Parents Neil and Alison Baker pleaded guilty to manslaughter in March and were jailed for five years.

The report showed that in 2001 a health visitor sent a letter to the family's paediatrician expressing concern and asked for the family to be assessed.

No action was taken.

Neighbours raised concerns about the family in 2001 and 2002, but they were not visited.

Then, in April 2002 a health visitor expressed "grave concerns" about the family to the local social services department.

Although a social worker visited the family, the agencies involved did not meet to discuss concerns.

In May 2004, Kimberley was born.

Dirty nappies

Health workers visited the family in June/July, when the baby was said to be making "excellent weight gain and feeding well".

In September - the last time Kimberley saw a health professional - no concerns were expressed.

In March 2005, a midwife visited Alison Baker at home when she was pregnant with her fifth child.

The house smelt of urine and dirty nappies lay around the house.

This was reported to a health worker and a meeting was scheduled, but Kimberley died before this took place.

Couple jailed for starving baby
15 Mar 07 |  Wiltshire

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