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Last Updated: Monday, 3 April 2006, 14:05 GMT 15:05 UK
Woman's hope over wartime bomber
A Wiltshire woman has travelled to Italy to see a Royal Navy salvage team try to excavate the remains of the wartime bomber her father flew on.

Ann Storm from Marlborough was just a year old when her father, Bob Millar, a bomb aimer, was reported missing in action over Genoa in October 1944.

The missing aircraft, a B-24 Liberator from 31 Squadron, took off from Cheloni in the province of Foggia.

It was dropping supplies to partisans 12 miles from Genoa but never returned.

Salvage team

There were eight crew members on board, two British men, one Australian and five South Africans.

They are all commemorated in Malta on a memorial for missing aircrew of the Mediterranean campaign.

Ms Storm has spent much of her life trying to find the wreckage.

The aircraft is known to have taken a route north west over the Ligurian Sea but is thought to have come down in heavy weather over Lake Bolsena, around halfway along the route.

A navy salvage team entered the lake early on Monday and is controlling a remote submarine with an onboard camera.

The object the team is looking at is some 100 metres below the surface.

Ms Storm was at the lakeside on Monday and will be viewing footage from the dive.

If it is the wreckage of flight KH158, it will be classed as a war grave and a plaque in commemoration of the eight men will be placed below the aircraft beneath the water.


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