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Last Updated: Monday, 27 February 2006, 13:19 GMT
Student death threats are probed
Students who support animal experiments march through Oxford
Pro-test supporters marched in favour of animal testing
Death threats against a Swindon student who organised a rally at the weekend in support of an animal testing laboratory are being investigated by police.

Laurie Pycroft, 16, founded a movement called Pro-Test which is in favour of vivisection for medical research.

On Saturday, hundreds of people marched in support of a new 18m biomedical research facility at Oxford University.

The teenager said he had forwarded the threatening emails to the police, but was not worried by their content.

'Ransom note'

"There were about 40 hate emails. But compared to the positive emails - and there are literally many hundreds - it's an insignificant minority," he said.

"Some of the death threats are quite vague, for instance, saying, 'we know where you live', in the style of a ransom note. But one says, 'we're going to kill you'."

The animal rights group, Speak, which has been campaigning for two years against the building of the testing facility, was also holding a rally at the same time on Saturday.

Spokesman Mel Broughton said: "I get hate emails and death threats too. But I'm cynical about this. There are people out there who have nothing to do with the issues who're threatening violence."

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