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Last Updated: Tuesday, 10 January 2006, 15:01 GMT
Respect plans 'ideal for town'
Tony Blair
Tony Blair helped clean graffiti from a wall in Swindon
Tony Blair said he launched the government's "respect" campaign in Swindon because the town would benefit from the new powers.

The action plan could see nuisance neighbours evicted from their own homes, more police on-the-spot fines and an increase in parenting orders.

Speaking on Tuesday Mr Blair said the Wiltshire town was "a good example of where we need to use the powers".

Mr Blair visited the town's Pinehurst People's Centre and the Toothill area.

The prime minister added: "Some of the things that have been happening locally have been very good, but we need to take it further."

We have been identified as operating very good practice
Mike Bawden, Swindon council leader

Mike Bawden, leader of Swindon Borough Council, told BBC News: "The Home Office is of the opinion that we have shown very good progress in our partnership between police and the borough council and the various other parts.

"We have been identified as operating very good practice and set up as a very good example."

The plan would also allow the public to grill police about anti-social behaviour and demand tougher action.

Mr Blair said the plans were not a "gimmick" but would help "take back the streets for the law-abiding majority".

Blair unveils his 'respect' plans
10 Jan 06 |  UK Politics


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