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Last Updated: Thursday, 3 November 2005, 10:17 GMT
Spoof room ad aimed at revellers
Police cell
The attractive-sounding room for the night is in fact a police cell
An advert for overnight accommodation in south Wiltshire is a new police ploy to help cut alcohol-related trouble.

Described in estate agent language as having en suite facilities and bars in each room, it is in fact a cell block.

The poster, being displayed in pubs and restaurants in the Kennet area, urges revellers to "go home quietly".

Police press officer, David Taylor, who designed it, hoped it would encourage drinkers "to think twice about where they would prefer to spend the night."

He got the idea from an article in a Home Office magazine about a flat that had been advertised for sale in Essex.

A misprint gave buyers the number for the custody suite at the local police station.

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