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Last Updated: Friday, 4 February, 2005, 12:27 GMT
Hostile dog stops mail delivery
Generic image of a border collie
The collie isn't a postman's best friend
Postal deliveries to a Swindon street have been stopped until an aggressive dog is brought under control.

The Royal Mail has sent a letter to residents in Manor Crescent asking them to collect their post instead.

Council animal warden, Alison Waine, says the border collie is allowed to roam free and has been terrorising postmen for several months.

"We've spoken to the owner, but with little success. We're trying to gather evidence for a prosecution," she said.

'Duty of care'

Several attempts have been made to catch the dog and take it to the local pound.

But Ms Waine says this can only be done if the animal is found loose in a public place and she is urging residents to call her immediately if they see it.

The Royal Mail said in a statement: "We have great sympathy with our customers in Manor Crescent.

"However, we owe a duty of care to our employees, and cannot accept a situation where they are knowingly being put at risk of dog attacks."

Residents have told the BBC they are fed up with having to collect their mail.

"It's disgusting. We can't get our post, we've phoned up the dog warden, the RSPCA, the council. You name it, we've tried it and still the dog's let to run wild," said one.

The owner has not been available for comment.


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