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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 December, 2004, 07:43 GMT
Heroes' welcome for Black Watch
Black Watch soldiers on parade
Many of Warminster's residents turned out for the parade
The people of Warminster organised a welcome home parade for returning soldiers of the Black Watch on Wednesday.

The town's mayor, members of the British Legion, clergy and family and friends all joined the celebrations.

Some 200 soldiers arrived back at the Warminster barracks last weekend.

During their six months in Iraq five of their colleagues were killed. The Black Watch is also waiting to learn its fate as a regiment, under a defence review.

The regiment is under threat from the government's plans to reduce the size of the Army by 2008.

Month-long deployment

The Black Watch, about 850 troops and support personnel, was formed in 1739 to police the Highlands and recruits from the Dundee, Angus, Perth and Kinross and Fife areas.

The final decision rests with the Secretary of State for Defence, Geoff Hoon, who is expected to make an announcement in Parliament.

Five troops were killed during the Black Watch's month-long deployment to Camp Dogwood in central Iraq.

Three soldiers died in a suicide car bomb attack along with an Iraqi translator, another in a roadside bombing and one in a road traffic accident.

The Black Watch deployment freed up US troops for operations in Falluja.

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