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Last Updated: Monday, 25 October, 2004, 12:45 GMT 13:45 UK
Pro-hunting farmers ban military
Hunting - generic
The MoD says it is aware of the situation
Ten farmers, angry at the proposed hunting ban, have withdrawn land used by the Ministry of Defence.

They say they will no longer allow the military to use land near Salisbury Plain, in protest at the government's plans to licence the activity.

Josh Stratton who farms 3,500 acres in Wiltshire, said: "We feel the only way we can get politicians to listen is to do things like this."

The MoD said other options were being considered for the military.

100,000 acres

Mr Stratton told the BBC: "The Labour Party are being incredibly vindictive towards rural people in the ban on hunting.

"We feel the only way to get politicians to listen is to do things like this."

The MoD owns nearly 100,000 acres of Salisbury Plain.

In a statement, it said: "We are aware that there are farmers who, because of the decision to ban hunting, may choose to withdraw the use of their land

"There will be some impact [from the ban] on Army training, but options to mitigate this are being considered."

A MoD spokesman said on Tuesday that seven 'tactical exercises' had been transferred to other parts of the country as a result of the farmers' action.

But he added that none of these exercises had involved troop movements.


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