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Jailed mother's appeal date
Angela Cannings
Angela Cannings: Found guilty of killing
A mother found guilty of murdering her two baby sons is to have an appeal against her conviction heard in November.

Angela Cannings, 39, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, was sentenced to life in April 2002 for the murder of seven-week-old Jason in June 1991 and 18-week-old Matthew in November 1999.

During the trial, Cannings' lawyer argued that the death of the two boys was a tragic coincidence, caused by sudden infant death syndrome - cot death.

Her husband Terry told BBC News Online: "I'm lifted by the news but not optimistic.

"When you've been kicked as hard as we have you lose faith in the justice system."

The announcement of the appeal date of 10 November comes after Cheshire solicitor Sally Clarke's conviction for killing her two sons was overturned.

The 38-year-old was cleared of murdering her two sons after an appeal hearing in February.

'Not a certainty'

While Mr Cannings was happy for Mrs Clarke - and glad Trupti Patel was cleared of murdering her three babies - he is unsure whether his wife's appeal will be successful.

One of the witnesses who gave evidence against Cannings was Professor Sir Roy Meadow, a retired academic.

His claim in the case against Mrs Clarke that the chance of two children of the same family dying of cot death was "73 million to one" is now known to be flawed.

Recent research suggests genetic links to cot death mean the odds could be as short at 64 to one.

Mr Cannings said: "Each case is different and November is not a certainty.

"I see the appeal as just the next stage in what has been a long process."

'Hate every minute'

Since his wife was arrested, Mr Cannings says he has lost everything he has worked for.

"I've lost two children, my job, my house... I wouldn't wish the last four years on anyone.

"I wake up in the morning, plough through the day - hating every minute of it - until it's time to take my sleeping tablet at night."

Cannings, who sees her husband for two hours a month at Bulwood Prison in Essex, has made no comment.

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