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Van Morrison sued over gig
Van Morrison
Van Morrison and his production company Exile deny breach of contract
A pub landlord's business collapsed after Van Morrison backed out of a gig, the High Court has heard.

Gary Marlow, 44, is suing the 57-year-old rock star, and his production company Exile, for up to 400,000 over the cancellation in August 2002 at The Crown Hotel, Everleigh in Wiltshire.

His counsel, Stuart Cakebread, said the claim included 20,000 for the return of Mr Morrison's advance plus lost profits from tickets, alcohol, food and tobacco.

The singer, and Exile, deny any breach of contract, and say the claim for compensation is unsubstantiated.

Their counsel, Thomas Croxford, said the concert was cancelled at the beginning of July 2002 after Mr Marlow breached a condition restricting publicity.

We say that where there is advertising and promotion, we are entitled to veto it unless we are happy with it
Thomas Croxford

Mr Cakebread said: "The effect of the last-minute cancellation was so devastating that the business simply collapsed.

"People don't come back to an empty venue."

Monthly turnover of around 25,000 had dropped to 7,000, he said.

Mr Croxford said the contract contained an provision dealing with all advertising and promotional materials.

"We say that where there is advertising and promotion, we are entitled to veto it unless we are happy with it."

It was agreed that Mr Marlow could place an advert in the local paper and on a blackboard inside the pub, although it was disputed that he could also use the pub's website.

Mr Marlow says ensuing coverage in the national press was not something he initiated or had control over - and so could not seek approval for.

Van Morrison sued over pub gig
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