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Flight of fancy for crop fan
Miniature crop circle
Mr Evans will fly over a full-sized version of his design
A radio listener has won a trip in a helicopter - to view the crop circle he designed.

Robert Evans from Dilton Marsh near Westbury, Wiltshire, was chosen as the winner of BBC Radio Swindon's crop circle competition.

During the last month green-fingered listeners sent in photographs of their own crop circle designs - in seed-filled trays.

Mr Evans's winning entry will now be reproduced in a field at Roves Farm in Sevenhampton near Swindon. He will be able to view it from a helicopter on Tuesday morning.

Afternoon Show presenter, Graham Seaman, who thought up the scheme, said: "It's always about this time of year, some pretty strange things start happening in fields throughout Wiltshire.

'Seed trays'

"When a crop circle appears, people from around the world get very excited."

"With the grow your own crop circle competition some pretty strange things were starting to happen in seed trays up and down the county.

"Hundreds of crop circle kits were sent out and loads of people downloaded the instructions from the BBC Wiltshire website.

"Wiltshire was off designing and growing their own mini crop circles."

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