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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 May, 2003, 17:19 GMT 18:19 UK
Treasure trove for Wiltshire two
Roman coins - generic
The finders will receive a reward

Roman coins found by two metal detector enthusiasts have been officially declared treasure.

Julian Adams and Andrew Mitchell found the seven silver coins near Salisbury, which could date back as early as AD356, an inquest hearing has heard.

The coins are among a number of similar artefacts and rings found on farmland at Bowerchalke since 1992.

They were found in October last year and are all silver.


The new status means the coins become the property of the Crown and a museum can acquire them.

The finders will receive a reward.

Experts at the British Museum have now dated the coins as coming from the reigns of Emperors: Julian (AD356-363), Valens (AD364-378), Theodosius (AD379-383), Magnus Maximus (AD383-388) and Eugenius (AD389-394).

Deputy Wiltshire Coroner Nigel Brooks said they had to be declared treasure as the coins were more than 300 years old.

A panel of experts at the British Museum will now decide on a valuation.

Salisbury Museum is expected to put in a bid for them.

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