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Newlyweds compensated for photos

Marc and Sylvia Day
The couple paid 1,450 for the photo and video package

A couple have won compensation from their wedding photographer after they complained about the quality of pictures he took of their big day.

The album included pictures of the backs of people's heads, shots with no heads and close-ups of vehicles.

Marc and Sylvia Day, of Wakefield, West Yorkshire, were awarded £950 at Pontefract County Court after suing Gareth Bowers for breach of contract.

Mrs Day said: "I just broke down in tears when I saw them."

Wakefield-based Mr Bowers, of Fresh Images, declined to comment when the BBC contacted him.


The couple had paid him £1,450 for the photo and video package for their wedding on 24 August last year.

But they said they were left distraught after they were shown the 404 pictures.

Mrs Day said: "We had to pick 40 for a story book and we could only pick 22 that were reasonable.

"They were over-exposed, under-exposed, things in people's faces, leaves across their faces.

"I just kept looking at them and I thought I can't believe this has happened."

Mr Bowers had also misspelled the couple's names on the thank-you cards he produced, printing: "Thank you Slyvia and Mark."

It's shaking so much you go dizzy
Sylvia Day

The couple said the wedding video, which was filmed by the same firm, was shaky and unedited.

It included footage of the operator dropping the camera during the church ceremony, accompanied with a recording of him swearing.

Mrs Day said: "It's shaking so much you go dizzy."

She added: "We had a horse and carriage and on the video the bridesmaids were getting in something but we couldn't tell what they were getting in.

"Even me coming out of the door, there's a mark on the wall and it's pink and the pink has reflected on to my dress so it looks like I've got a bright pink dress on."

A judge also ordered Mr Bowers to pay £100 expenses and £270 in court fees at a hearing on 28 September.

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