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One-eyed cat's dash for stardom


Martin Humphreys and Midge are regularly spotted racing each other

A man and his one-eyed cat who go running together could be the unlikely stars at the Cannes Film Festival.

Martin Humphreys and 12-year-old Midge are regularly spotted racing each other in the village of Wrose in Shipley.

Convinced their racing adventures belonged on the big screen, Mr Humphreys has made a film featuring him and Midge which he is taking to France.

"I truly believe this could be one of the greatest children's films of all time," he said.

Mr Humphreys said the racing started a couple of years ago when he returned from a shopping trip.

He added: "I was coming back from the shops and I didn't have very much to carry and I thought I'll just have a run alongside her.

"I tried to overtake her and I swear to you this most astonishing thing happened because out of the corner of my eye I could see she accelerated and she wouldn't let me beat her."

Mr Humphreys is now hoping his film The Great Race will be taken up by a movie company.

He is travelling to France on Thursday where he will show his work at the Short Film Corner at Cannes.

He said: "Mr Walt Disney or whoever it is, I want them to see that."

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