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Sir Jimmy helps fix student crime
Sir Jimmy Savile on the Top of the Pops set
Sir Jimmy lives in the Roundhay area of Leeds
The voice of Sir Jimmy Savile is being used to warn students in Leeds to keep their homes secure.

Many of the city's students live in the Hyde Park, Headingley and Woodhouse areas, where burglary rates are high.

Talking signs, using the star's voice, are being put on lampposts by Safer Leeds to warn passers-by to keep their houses secure.

Sir Jimmy, 81, said he was proud to help out and apologised to anyone who was startled by the signs.

Safety campaign

He said: "I have to apologise to all people of a nervous disposition and children because it could cause an innocent pedestrian, suddenly having me shouting in their ear, to be startled - or even make their hair turn white and long."

Sir Jimmy, who lives in the Roundhay area of Leeds, added: "When anybody asks me to do anything for Yorkshire it is always a go go situation.

Two students
Students will often have expensive equipment in their rooms

"And obviously there's no charge because I am a great local localist."

In one of the messages, Sir Jimmy says: "Oi! Open doors, open windows. Burglars nick all the gear. Don't join that club - lock everything up."

The signs are part of a campaign by West Yorkshire Police to prevent students in Leeds becoming victims of crime.

Some students have had tracking devices fitted to their laptops and the force has also produced a series of podcasts with basic security advice.

Ch Insp Mark Busley said: "Unfortunately students can become a victim for burglaries and we hope the signs will raise awareness of looking after themselves and their belongings.

"We had the idea of using a well-known voice and Jimmy Savile was asked because he is a well-known Leeds person."

Sir Jimmy's message to students

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