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Gay soldier wins sex pest claim
Bombardier Kerry Fletcher
Miss Fletcher had been in the Army for 10 years
A lesbian soldier who was subjected to a campaign of sexual harassment by a male sergeant has won her case of discrimination at a tribunal.

Lance Bombardier Kerry Fletcher, 31, originally from Sheffield, told an employment tribunal she had been pestered for sex by the sergeant.

Ms Fletcher, 31, claimed she was picked on because of her sexuality.

She said she was humiliated at the Army stables in North Yorkshire. She could now receive compensation from the MoD.

Ms Fletcher, who lives in Birmingham, said the sergeant and other male colleagues tried to destroy her career because she spurned his advances.

She said she was signed off sick with stress as a result, after serving 10 years in the army.

The tribunal sitting in Leeds heard the sergeant had asked Ms Fletcher to join in group sex and claimed in a text message :"Look, I might be able to convert you."

But he told the tribunal he did not send any improper message to her and maintained his innocence.

An army inquiry found it probable he had sent the messages and a colonel had handed him an "expression of severe displeasure" after making the decision not to demote him.

He also denied singling Ms Fletcher out for severe treatment because she had rejected his advances.

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