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Dolly's hits annoy the neighbours
Dolly Parton
Neighbours heard the best - and the worst - of Dolly
A Leeds woman has had her CD player confiscated after plaguing neighbours by singing Dolly Parton's "Nine To Five" round the clock.

Diane Duffin has also been relieved of her TVs, DVD players, video games consoles and CDs after council staff and police raided her Armley home.

Leeds City Council said she was now facing legal action for breaking previous noise abatement orders.

She could also be evicted and given an anti-social behaviour order.

But Ms Duffin remained defiant about the noise from her home.

She told BBC Look North: "I am not stopping nothing for no neighbours.

"Our everyday noise is kept to a limit."

But one of her neighbours, Joanne Kemspter, said she had considered moving house because of the noise.

Diane Duffin
Ms Duffin said noise from her home was kept to a minimum

She said: "I am just trying to catch up on a good eight months' of sleep.

"At the most I have been getting three to four hours of sleep a night which is not enough to survive on.

"I wanted to move at one point but my neighbours have been so good, and they have said 'don't move anywhere, we need decent people like you'."

Councillor Steve Smith, who is responsible for tackling noise nuisance, said: "We do not accept noisy anti-social behaviour in Leeds.

"This is an excellent result and I hope it will bring some peace and quiet to her (Diane Duffin's) long-suffering neighbours.

"I hope she now learns her lesson and starts to behave acceptably.

"If not, we will take appropriate further action."

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