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Boy creates new Beano character
Wayne's in Pain is a loveable but clumsy schoolboy

A loveable but clumsy schoolboy has become the first new character to join one of Britain's favourite comic strips since it began 50 years ago.

Wayne's in Pain, an accident-prone schoolboy, will join The Bash Street Kids as the gang's newest arrival in children's comic The Beano.

He is the creation of seven-year-old James Thompson from Sheffield, who won a Blue Peter competition.

James said he had based his new character on himself.

Wayne's in Pain is the first new member since The Bash Street Kids' first appearance in The Beano in 1954.

He has at least three injuries at any one time, suffers paper cuts in English and excels at naming the bones in the human body - because he has broken most of them.

James from Sheffield
James said the character was based on himself

James, a Beano fanatic who beat 27,000 other entrants to win the prize, said: "Wayne was based on the fact I went through a period of small accidents, which meant I had injuries.

"I thought it would be a funny character to be in the Beano so, yes, he is based on me in a way.

"It was really cool to see him on the pages and it made me feel important because I had drawn him."

The comic's editor, Alan Digby, said: "We liked Wayne because we knew we could do quite a lot with him in the background as he is always injured and having accidents.

"It was felt he would fit in perfectly with Bash Street School."


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