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Bomb suspects 'talkative' in taxi
Paul Harrison
Mr Harrison said the two men were 'talkative and relaxed'
A taxi driver who took two of the three men arrested over the 7 July bombings to Manchester airport has spoken to the BBC about the journey.

Paul Harrison, 41, of Gee Gee cars, picked up Mohammed Shakil and Shipon Ullah from a house in Beeston, Leeds.

He dropped them at Terminal 2 at the airport, on Thursday morning, and they paid the 60 fare in cash.

Mr Shakil also used to be a driver with Gee Gee cars and Mr Harrison said the pair were talkative and relaxed.

Mr Harrison said he recognised Mr Shakil from work, though he did not know him well. He explained he did not know the second man at all.

Sources have named the other man as 23-year-old Shipon Ullah.

Handed in notice

He told the BBC News website: "[Mr Shakil] said he was going over to Kashmir to see his father because he was ill.

"I asked him how long he was going for, he said it may be for four weeks or it could be two months."

Mr Harrison said the second, younger, man told him he was going to Pakistan "just for the ride".

Mr Shakil handed in his notice at Gee Gee cars two weeks ago.

Speaking from his firm's base in Beeston, his former boss Abdul Waheed described him as a "great, nice lad".

He said: "Often, if drivers are going to Pakistan for three or four weeks they'll just keep all their stuff but he rang to say he was going for some months and wanted to hand in his radio and everything."

His neighbours in Firth Mount described Mr Shakil as a "nice, quiet man".

They said he lived with his wife and three children, who are understood to be about 11-years-old, five-years-old and a small baby.


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