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Father's tribute to murdered Pc

Sharon Beshenivsky with her father at her wedding to husband Paul
Mr Jagger said he was very proud of his daughter

The father of murdered police officer Sharon Beshenivsky has spoken of his love for his daughter and labelled her killing as "pointless".

Billy Jagger said he did not understand why Pc Beshenivsky, who was unarmed, was shot at point blank range.

He said he could find no words for her killers, who he said had robbed the officer of a life with her children.

"She was a wonderful daughter. We loved each other, we always loved each other. No one can take that away from me."

Mr Jagger said his daughter was hard-working, and when she got into the police force he was "highly delighted".

They should have done what we all have to do and work for a living; not steal, not take a life
Billy Jagger

"It's what she wanted. She was a carer, she used to look after children. I'm very proud of her. Whatever she's done she's been number one," he said.

"You read about it [police officers being hurt in the line of duty] but you never think it's going to be yours.

"But she was doing something she loved, you can't take that off her. She loved her job and she loved her colleagues."

Mr Jagger said he found out about his daughter's death after a reporter contacted him at home.

"I could have fell through the floor, it just didn't go in," he said.

"She had always been a bubbly child, always smiling, laughing. She never caused any bother. She was a wonderful daughter."

Billy Jagger at the scene of his daughter's murder
Mr Jagger visited the scene of the shooting last November

Of her killers, he said: "They should have done what we all have to do and work for a living; not steal, not take a life.

"There was no need to shoot her, she wasn't armed. What's the point in killing her point blank, to take a young person's life. What can you say to people like that.

"She hadn't seen her children grow up, she'll never see her daughter get married, Lydia. She'll never have a life with them, bring them up like a mother should.

"I know she was a police officer but she was still entitled to that."

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CCTV shows Pc Beshenivsky at the scene

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