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Victim's mother wants man hanged
Mirza Tahir Hussain
Mirza Tahir Hussain is due to die on New Year's Eve
The mother of a taxi driver in Pakistan said she will set herself on fire if a man from Leeds convicted of killing her son 18 years ago is not executed.

The condemned man's brother cancelled a planned flight to Pakistan on Saturday after taking diplomatic advice.

Victim Jamshed Khan's mother, Zarvari Bibi, said she only wanted justice.

Mirza Hussain is due to be hanged on 31 December for murdering her son, after a religious court overturned his earlier acquittal by Pakistani civil judges.

His death sentence could have been commuted if the victim's family had accepted a financial payment from the killer's relatives, but they have steadfastly refused.

The case has been decided by all sides and that decision should be implemented
Zarvari Bibi

Speaking to the BBC for the first time, Mrs Bibi told correspondent Barbara Plett: "I visit the graveyard every day and spend the whole day sitting near his grave and return in the evening.

"God has done justice and it should be pursued and they should also provide justice. I demand it from them.

"They should do what is right and what is the will of God.

"The case has been decided by all sides and that decision should be implemented."

She explained she would take her own life if Mr Hussain is not hanged.

Personal passions

Mr Hussain's brother, Amjad Hussain, confirmed he had cancelled his trip and said the involvement of the taxi driver's family did nothing but "fuel the flames" of the case.

He told BBC News: "The Pakistani government has the responsibility of dealing with this, not the family.

"This should not involve personal passions."

His brother's execution has been postponed several times - most recently from 1 November until New Year's Eve after representations from UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Prince of Wales, who is due to begin an official visit to Pakistan next week.

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