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Death row man's clemency appeal
Mirza Tahir Hussain
Mirza Tahir Hussain said he acted in self-defence
A Leeds man on death row in Pakistan has made a new plea from his prison cell for his life to be spared.

Mirza Tahir Hussain, 36, is due to be executed on 1 November for murdering a taxi driver in 1988.

Prince Charles, who is due to be in Pakistan on the day of the execution, has contacted Pakistan's prime minister urging a reprieve.

Mr Hussain told BBC Asian Network he renewed his "heartfelt plea to pardon me and reflect on my circumstances."

He added: "I am grateful to His Royal Highness for showing interest in my plight. I also thank Prime Minister Tony Blair and all the others who are helping me.

"It is the 11th hour and I once again renew my heartfelt plea to President Musharraf to pardon me and reflect on my circumstances and sufferings when he leads the country in celebrating Eid.

"I am hoping that President Musharraf will not send me to the gallows when he himself has expressed doubts about the safety of my conviction."

"In my suffering and sorrow I wish everyone peace and happiness."

'Unjust' execution

Prime Minister Tony Blair said he had spoken personally to Pakistan's president to ask him to intervene. He told the Commons the execution would be "a serious" matter.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are due to meet President Musharraf during their planned visit to the country from 29 October to 3 November.

A spokesman for the prince said: "The Prince of Wales has been concerned about this case for some time and had raised it with the prime minister for Pakistan."

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall
The Prince and Duchess will meet Pakistan President Musharraf

Leeds MP Greg Mulholland said it would be "monstrous" for Mr Hussain to be hanged during the prince's visit.

He has written an urgent letter to the prince asking him not to go ahead with the visit unless the execution is cancelled.

He said: "For this unjust execution to go ahead anyway would be bad enough, but to do this when Prince Charles, heir to the British throne, is visiting the country would be monstrous.

"Cancelling the visit will send a clear and powerful message to the Pakistani authorities."

Mr Hussain's case has won the backing of UK and Euro MPs and Amnesty International, who have all urged President Musharraf to quash the penalty.

Respect Party MP George Galloway had planned to fly to Pakistan on Monday to appeal directly to the president to quash the penalty but cancelled the trip at the request of Mr Hussain's family.

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