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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 September 2006, 16:10 GMT 17:10 UK
Fans dig deep after Jane's ordeal
Jane Tomlinson reaches Staten Island, New York
The terminal cancer sufferer now wants to spend time with her family
Jane Tomlinson has raised more money for charity since completing her epic bike ride across America than she did during the challenge, her husband said.

The mother of three, who has terminal cancer, has so far raised 100,000 by cycling 4,200 miles in nine weeks from San Francisco to New York.

During the ride, Mike Tomlinson said they had struggled to raise an amount that reflected his wife's suffering.

But he said people's response after she finished on Friday had been phenomenal.

Despite a slow start to the fundraising, he said 14,000 was raised online on Friday, with a further 30,000 raised online in the past six days.

Condition deteriorated

"We've been constantly amazed by the British public," he said. "It's staggering really.

"We've had one 500 donation, but the rest has all been in 10s and 20s. It's the number of people getting behind us that's helping."

Had we known she was going to be this poorly we would never have gone
Mike Tomlinson

On finishing the ride, Mrs Tomlinson said it had been her final fundraising challenge.

"I'm just relieved it's over," she said.

"I thought it was going to be a bit of an adventure but it turned out to be a bit of an ordeal."

'Very cramped'

Mr Tomlinson said he had asked his wife to abandon the trip several times as her condition deteriorated.

He said the recent fundraising success had been amazing but no amount of money could compensate for the amount of pain his wife was in.

"She's been very poorly since she got back," he said. "She's very cramped and very tired. She was in just so much pain during the whole trip.

"Had we known she was going to be this poorly we would never have gone.

"We need Jane to get better and she's just not well at all. We hoped that once she was off the bike she would start improving slightly, but she's still as ill today as she was on Friday."

Mrs Tomlinson has already raised more than 1m for cancer charities by completing a variety of marathons, triathlons and personal challenges.

Her Ride Across America is thought to be the greatest endurance feat attempted by someone with terminal cancer.

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