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Last Updated: Friday, 5 May 2006, 15:12 GMT 16:12 UK
No surprises in election results
Labour has retained control of Wakefield City Council despite losing three seats to the Conservatives.

The party now has 41 of the council's 63 seats, with the Tories increasing their presence in four wards and no change for the Liberal Democrats.

Leeds, Bradford and Kirklees all remain in no overall control, with little change between the parties.

The BNP gained a seat in Leeds and two in Kirklees, but they also lost a seat in both Calderdale and Bradford.

In Kirklees, the Tories lost one seat but still became the largest party in the authority with 21 after the Liberal Democrats lost four seats to join Labour on 20.

The BNP had candidates in every ward in Kirklees, and managed to secure two seats, one from Labour in Dewsbury east and one from the Lib Dems in Heckmondwike.

In Bradford, Labour made the most gains, up six seats to 36, making them the largest party on the council after the Tories lost four seats to end with 33.

The BNP and Liberal Democrats both lost a seat to finish with two and 14, while the Greens stayed the same with three seats.

In Leeds, Morley South was the only seat to change hands from Morley Borough Independents to the BNP.

Elsewhere the council's composition stayed the same with 40 Labour councillors, 26 Liberal Democrats, 24 Conservatives, three Greens and five others.

But Conservative councillor Andrew Carter, leader of Leeds City Council, said he did not think any of the major parties had anything to smile about.

"The only gain appears to have been the BNP," he said. "That's a very loud and clear message to all our parties nationally that we do now have to take the threat of the BNP seriously.

"More particularly, we have to address the issues that people are concerned about that are making them turn to the BNP... we cannot ignore those issues."

Bradford South MP and government minister Gerry Sutcliffe said recent headlines probably did persuade people to vote BNP.

But he said that was not the answer, as there was no prospect of the BNP taking control of the government.

"People are frustrated and we have got to work harder to get their confidence." he added.

In Calderdale, the Conservatives and BNP both lost a seat to end the count with 20 and two respectively.

Elsewhere, Labour and the Liberal Democrats increased their seats by one, to 10 and 16, while the three others remained unchanged.



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