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Last Updated: Saturday, 29 April 2006, 08:04 GMT 09:04 UK
Drinking banned on town's streets
Street drinking has been banned in Pudsey town centre in an attempt to curb anti-social behaviour.

Councillors have agreed to adopt new legal powers enabling police to arrest drinkers who cause problems in the Leeds town's streets and public places.

Anyone who ignores the ban will have their alcohol confiscated, face a 50 on-the-spot fine or possible arrest if they refuse to dispose of the drink.

New signs will warn of the ban, which is due to come into force in June.

City council leader Andrew Carter said: "We are about to bring about a major regeneration of Pudsey town centre and we want to attract people to the shops and get them to visit the area.

"Residents and visitors alike should be assured that we are not going to tolerate loutish, anti-social behaviour.

"We are committed to making the lives of residents as safe and peaceful as possible and these orders, which have had a positive impact in other parts of the city, are an excellent way of helping to achieve this."

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