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Europe's tallest skyscraper bid
The proposed Lumiere skyscraper
Lumiere Tower 1 will dominate the Leeds skyline
A proposal for the tallest residential skyscraper in Europe to be built in Leeds has been submitted to planners.

The planned 225m Lumiere Tower 1 will have 52 storeys and be 170.88m (560ft) high.

If built, it would be two metres taller than the newly topped-out Beetham Tower in Manchester which is 168.87m (554ft).

Designed by the same architect, the building will house 650 apartments, office space and a dentist, as well as shops and cafes.

If approved, the building is hoped to be completed by 2010.

The plan also includes a second smaller tower only 30 storeys high on the same site in Wellington Street.

A covered public winter garden will link the two towers.

The building has been designed chiefly by architect Ian Simpson at Ian Simpson Architects.

Joint development

Many of the apartments will be designed to cater for people aged over 55.

It is a joint development between KW Linfoot, who specialise in residential projects, and the Scarborough Development Group, who undertake commercial ventures.

Site preparation work is scheduled to begin in October 2006, subject to planning permission from the council.

Preliminary planning work has already been carried out in New York using wind tunnel model tests.

A display of the plans is on public view at the Victoria Quarter shopping centre on Friday and Saturday.

Manchester's Beetham Tower, currently Europe's tallest residential building, stands at 168.87m (554ft) and 47 storeys above the city centre.

Wind considerations meant the architects had to scale back the original planned height of 171m (561ft).

City Council leader Andrew Carter said: "Leeds really does lead the way when it comes to innovation, development and being a successful, vibrant city.

"The towers are a stunning example of modern design which will be a key landmark as the city's progress continues apace."

City building reaches full height
26 Apr 06 |  Manchester


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