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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 August 2006, 16:00 GMT 17:00 UK
MEP seeks review of 1973 result
Richard Corbett
Mr Corbett says Uefa must show it is tackling corruption
A Yorkshire MEP has written to Uefa calling for an inquiry into the result of the 1973 Cup Winners' Cup final between Leeds United and AC Milan.

Richard Corbett said recent corruption in Italian football had prompted him.

He said the referee in the game was banned for life but Milan were allowed to keep the title, after winning 1-0.

"Uefa must investigate games like these and if Milan are discovered to have fixed the match, then Leeds should be awarded the trophy," he said.

His letter to Lars-Christer Olsson, Uefa's Chief Executive, expresses concern over the decision to admit AC Milan to the 2006/7 Champions League competition, despite the club being found guilty of attempting to influence domestic fixtures improperly.

He said the Italian Football Federation had also stripped Juventus of the titles it won over the last two years.

Such action would visibly and dramatically demonstrate Uefa's commitment to fair play
Richard Corbett MEP

His letter went on: "Uefa should investigate not just the recent period but past events in which match fixing may have played a role, even as far back as AC Milan's win over Leeds United in the 1973 Cup Winners' Cup final.

"Such action would visibly and dramatically demonstrate Uefa's commitment to fair play and to taking breaches of it seriously.

"Failure to take visible action that demonstrates clearly to clubs, fans and the wider public that cheating will not succeed will leave football vulnerable to a slow corrosion of confidence in the game that will undermine its future."

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