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'Poor first aid' in shot Pc's car
Pc Ian Broadhurst
Ian Broadhurst was shot after checking a suspected stolen car
A nurse who went to the aid of murdered policeman Ian Broadhurst after he was shot in the head has claimed his police car first aid kit was "inadequate".

Mary Simpson had to use her hands to stem the blood from the officer's wounds after he was shot at point-blank range in Leeds on Boxing Day 2003.

The kit had no surgical gloves, padding to stop bleeding or airway control.

"There should have been something better in a police car," Mrs Simpson told Police Review magazine.

'Nationwide problem'

American bodybuilder David Bieber, 38, was jailed for life last year for killing the 34-year-old policeman during a routine traffic stop.

Although she did not know if a properly equipped kit could have saved Pc Broadhurst's life, Mrs Simpson, said: "It was definitely inadequate."

The 31-year-old nurse, who works at St James' Hospital in Leeds, said the kit was little more than "a green box with just a pair of nail scissors and a bandage".

David Bieber
David Bieber had denied murdering the traffic Pc

Police guidance says kits should contain germicidal wipes, latex gloves, a face mask, hypoallergenic tape, wound dressings, a triangular bandage and sterile plasters.

Paul Lewis, secretary of the Police Federation's health and safety committee, said Mrs Simpson had identified a "nationwide problem" with the maintenance of first aid kits in patrol cars.

He said: "What procedures are there to ensure these kits are kept up to date?

"I am aware that procedures may be in place but quite often they are not followed through and that is down to managerial reasons - managers are often not aware of their responsibilities."

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Standard first aid kits are available in all cars which should be checked each time they are taken out.

"However, Pc Broadhurst's injuries were so severe that no amount of first aid equipment would have saved his life."

Police murderer jailed for life
02 Dec 04 |  England

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