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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 May, 2005, 18:27 GMT 19:27 UK
Passenger plane overshoots runway
Plane at end of runway at Leeds Bradford Airport
Fire crews evacuated all passengers from the plane
Flights are being delayed after a plane overshot the runway at Leeds Bradford International Airport.

Emergency crews were alerted when the LTE International A320 Airbus from Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands experienced "problems on landing".

All 171 passengers were evacuated safely from the aircraft after West Yorkshire Fire Service sent 10 pumps and 50 firefighters to the scene.

An airport spokesman said on Wednesday that the runway had partially opened.

Investigation launched

A statement from the airport added: "An A320 LTE aircraft arriving from Fuerteventura at 1240 BST had problems on landing which resulted in it coming to rest at the end of the runway.

"The 171 passengers on board were disembarked using the aircraft steps and coached back to the terminal with no reported injuries to any passengers.

"The Air Accident Investigation Team will look to identify the cause and it is hoped the runway will be operational as soon as possible."

A fire service spokeswoman said they had been alerted by the airport at 1245 BST that a plane had gone off the end of the runway.

'Passengers treated'

Working in conjunction with the airport fire service they evacuated all passengers by 1340 BST.

Paramedics from West Yorkshire Metropolitan Ambulance Service confirmed none of the passengers were injured and five ambulances were sent to the scene.

A spokesman added: "Within half an hour staff had triaged more than 170 passengers, providing appropriate care, advice and reassurances.

"There were no injuries and nobody was taken to hospital."

Eyewitness Brian Bevan told BBC Radio Leeds: "We were in the departure lounge and there was this aircraft very close to the end of the runway and it looks as though it's dropped off with its nose wheel hanging off the end."

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