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Last Updated: Monday, 31 October 2005, 15:12 GMT
Gang tied fireworks to dog's body
Picture courtesy Huddersfield Examiner
Fireworks were tied to tiny Emmie's body by the gang
Thugs blew up a Yorkshire terrier by tying fireworks to its body and then took pictures of the aftermath on their mobile phones, the dog's owner said.

Keith Barrington and his wife Maureen, 67, of Linthwaite, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, said their pet, Emmie, had bolted because of firework noise.

The next morning Mr Barrington was told the badly mutilated body of a small dog had been found in a nearby dustbin.

The couple do not know if their pet had been run over first or been blown up.

Keith Barrington said the dog had been with the couple in their daughter's garden, not far from their own home last Thursday evening.

If that's what young kids get up to then God help the country
Dog owner Keith Barrington

But when fireworks started to explode the dog bolted and escaped from the garden.

After searching the area and finding no trace, the couple went home.

He said: "We searched all evening, asking neighbours, but nobody had seen her.

"My wife sat up all night and kept the door open. I even went searching through the grass to see if a local fox had got her.

"The next day the next door neighbour came to see me and said there was a dog in a dustbin.

"It was horrific when I looked inside. I picked all the rubbish out and took the body out.

'Can't imagine horror'

"People saw the lads who did it... what they did was disgusting. If that's what young kids get up to then God help the country."

Mr Barrington said one woman had told him she had seen what the group had done.

"If she [Emmie] had been run over then in a way I'd be relieved. I can't imagine her being subjected to that horror."

West Yorkshire Police said: "We received a report from the owner of the dog in relation to an incident [that had been] witnessed by a third party.

"We visited the complainant to take further details about the incident and inquiries into the matter are now ongoing."

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