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'Shocking' level of child poverty
Poverty is a great threat to children, charities say
A "shocking" number of children are living in poverty in Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, charities say.

Government figures show that three in every 10 children in the region live below the poverty line.

The worst affected areas are the Manor Estate in Sheffield, where 53% of families exist on benefits, and Hull's Myton ward where the figure is 54%.

Exhibitions are being held in York and Leeds on Friday and Saturday to draw tention to the issue.

Great threat

End Child Poverty Campaign (ECPC) director Jonathan Stearn said: "There are 1.1m children living in Yorkshire and the Humber and 330,000 are living in poverty.

"Poverty shames a relatively wealthy country like ours and we have a duty to stamp it out."

In Bradford, 48% of households exist on benefits in Little Horton while the worst affected part of Leeds is the University ward with 50%.

North Yorkshire's poorest area is the Westfield ward in York with almost 30% of families on benefits.

In North East Lincolnshire, Grimsby's South ward is the worst affected with 47%.

Peter Allinson, of Barnardo's, said: "Poverty is still the greatest single threat to the well-being of children and families in the UK.

"It is shocking that over 30% of children in Yorkshire and the Humber are still living in low-income households."

Poverty report highlights cities
13 Dec 04 |  England

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