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Accused 'had gun under mattress'

Pc Ian Broadhurst
Pc Ian Broadhurst was shot and killed on Boxing Day

A loaded gun was found hidden under a mattress in a room allegedly used by a man accused of shooting three police officers, a court has been told.

The 9mm semi-automatic pistol was found in a room at the Royal Hotel Dunston, Gateshead, where armed officers had earlier arrested David Bieber.

Newcastle Crown Court was told the gun was ready to fire.

Mr Bieber, of Springwood Road, Leeds, denies murdering Pc Ian Broadhurst and two charges of attempted murder.

The court was told Pc Broadhurst, 34, was already dying from a gunshot wound to the chest when a second shot was fired to his head.

Gun shop

Forensic pathologist Christopher Milroy said there was a "strong possibility" he would have died from the abdominal wound, regardless of the head wound.

He also told the court Pc Broadhurst's colleague, Pc Neil Roper, 45, was blasted in the shoulder and abdomen and could have bled to death from his injuries if he had not received medical treatment.

The court heard how a man, who the prosecution say is Bieber, bought 1,000 cartridge cases and a reloading press from a gun shop in Hertfordshire during the summer of 2003.

However, shop worker Henry Whittick was not able to supply two components of the reloading press.

His friend took down the man's details. He gave his name as Nathan Coleman of 10, Springwood Road, Leeds.

Earlier, Robert Clark of the Southern Gun Company, said he supplied a Nathan W Coleman with 900 cartridge cases in August 2003.

Social security card

Later, the court was taken through a list of items handed in at a Northumberland police station which belonged to Bieber.

There was more than 6,000 in notes and loose change, and a birth certificate and social security card in the name of American citizen David Michael Dudgeon, issued by the State of Ohio.

There was also a birth certificate in the name of Nathan Wayne Coleman, a National Insurance card in the same name, a bank card and a South Carolina identity card in the same name.

There was also 205 bulleted cartridges and some medication in tablet form.

Pc Broadhurst, 34, was killed and his colleague Pc Neil Roper, 45, seriously injured in the shooting in Leeds on Boxing Day 2003.

A third officer, Pc James Banks, 27, escaped injury after a bullet struck his radio.

The defendant also denies possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life and possessing 200 9mm bullet pistol cartridges.

He has admitted possessing 298 9mm bullet cartridges without a firearms certificate.

The trial continues.

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