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Jury hears shot Pc beg for mercy

Pc Ian Broadhurst
Pc Ian Broadhurst was shot and killed on Boxing Day

A jury has heard a chilling recording of the final moments of a police officer's life as he pleaded for mercy before being shot in the head.

The tape was played at Newcastle Crown Court where David Bieber, 38, denies murdering Pc Ian Broadhurst and the attempted murders of two colleagues.

Moments before the recording was played, Pc Broadhurst's widow, Eilisa, left the courtroom with her parents.

People in the public gallery cried as Pc Broadhurst's screams could be heard.

Final gunshot

They also heard him pleading for his life before a final gunshot rang out.

Pc Broadhurst, 34, and colleagues Pcs Neil Roper, 45, and James Banks, 27, were attempting to arrest a man in a suburb of Leeds last Boxing Day when the shooting began.

Pc Roper could be seen checking over the suspect's car, a black BMW.

Later the voice recording equipment in the officers' patrol car was switched on and the court heard the conversations of the two officers and the man, who the prosecution allege was Mr Bieber.

Screams heard

The court heard Pc Roper get out of the patrol car and open the rear door to place the handcuffs on the man and inform him that he was to be arrested.

At that stage the court heard Pc Roper shout: "He's got a gun."

This was followed by the noise of the first gun shot, then screams and groans before the second, third and fourth shots were heard followed by further screams.

Then the words: "No don't, don't. Please, please, no." Then a fifth and final shot.

Mr Bieber, of Springwood Road, Leeds, also denies possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life and possession of 200 9mm bullet pistol cartridges.

He has admitted possessing 298 9mm bullet cartridges without a firearms certificate.

Taxi driver

The court also heard a man called Nathan Coleman, which the prosecution say is an alias for David Bieber, rented a flat in Springwood Road in 1999.

Another resident, Tage Singh, said Mr Coleman had asked him for a lift on Boxing Day evening but he could not oblige.

Later, taxi driver Nadeem Akbar, said he picked up a Mr Goodman from a social club in Belle Vue Avenue, Oakwood, Leeds.

Mr Goodman, which the prosecution say is another alias for Bieber, wanted to go to Bradford.

Mr Akbar set off in the direction of the earlier shootings but Mr Goodman asked him to take a detour to avoid the heavy police presence.

Mr Goodman was dropped at a taxi rank in Bradford city centre where he then got into another taxi and went to a bed and breakfast.

The trial has been adjourned until Monday.

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