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Last Updated: Monday, 11 October, 2004, 14:24 GMT 15:24 UK
Body parts woman was murdered
Officer searches woods
An officer takes part in the search at Woodhouse Ridge
A murder investigation has started after the discovery of parts of a woman's leg in a Leeds wood.

A man walking his dog at Woodhouse Ridge in Meanwood on Friday found a lower leg. The upper part was found the next day by a police tracker dog.

A detailed search of the woodland is expected to continue for some time.

Police said early results of forensic examinations suggested the body parts belonged to the same person, a woman who was probably white and aged 20-30.

A police spokesman said the location in which the parts were found and the wounds to the leg led them to believe the woman had been murdered.

It is thought the body parts had been brought into the area and urged regular users of what is a busy thoroughfare to come forward.

This is going to be a very slow and painstaking investigation
Det Supt Bill Shackleton

It is thought the parts may have been hidden at the same location and then disturbed by animals.

Det Supt Bill Shackleton, of West Yorkshire Police, said it was not yet known how long the parts had been there, but it appeared to have been a matter of weeks.

"This is an unusual case. This is going to be a very slow and painstaking investigation.

"Initial indications suggest it's extremely unlikely anything would have happened in the area where we found the remains. They have been brought there, and by human means.

"The area's so heavily used by local people that it's highly likely someone has seen someone acting suspiciously or carrying something into this area who doesn't fit the general pattern of walkers or dog walkers who use this area."

The National Missing Persons register is also being consulted in a bid to discover the identity of the woman.

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