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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 May, 2004, 15:34 GMT 16:34 UK
Baby gets credit card application
The bank apologised after offering a baby credit
A 13-month-old baby in Leeds has been given an apology from Barclaycard after they sent her an application for a credit card.

Abi McDermott Knott, of Armley, was sent a form inviting her to apply for a platinum card with 0% interest until December.

Abi's mother Shelley Roberts was stunned when the form arrived for her infant daughter.

Barclaycard spokesman Ian Barber said they were sorry for the mistake.

He said: "Obviously, we have no intention of advertising to 13-month-old children. It's a mistake and we would like to apologise.

"It seems that her name has made its way on to a database somewhere. There's absolutely no way that she would have been issued with a card.

"On the serious issue of responsible lending, credit card advertising is widely available, but when we actually come to decided whether to give cards out or not, we turn down 50% of those that apply."

Mrs Roberts joked in a local paper that she had asked her daughter if she wanted to apply, but Abi did not seem interested.

She added that she was going to keep the application form as a souvenir for when she is older.

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