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Last Updated: Saturday, 13 March, 2004, 10:38 GMT
Lotto win 'forecast by the stars'
Fred and Betty Taylor
The Taylors had one of two winning tickets in Wednesday's draw
A retired couple from Castleford in West Yorkshire who won 1.5m on the National Lottery say their good fortune was forecast by the stars.

Betty Taylor, 63, said her husband Fred's horoscope in a newspaper on Wednesday predicted he would win some money and luck would call at 2000 GMT.

Mr Taylor, 79, said that was the time the Lotto draw was made. He had never believed in horoscopes before.

The couple plan to buy a new home and have a family holiday in Florida.

I'm me and what you see is what you get
Betty Taylor

Mrs Taylor said she checked the numbers four times before ringing one of their six children and asking him to check them too.

"It still didn't sink in," she said.

Mr Taylor is a former miner and his wife was a computer operator.

They celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this year and say winning the money will not change them.

"I'm me and what you see is what you get," said Mrs Taylor.

"We're Yorkshire people, we like where we are, we like the people around us and we like our friends."

Number switch brings Lottery win
05 Mar 04  |  Humber

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