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Last Updated: Wednesday, 3 December, 2003, 06:55 GMT
Workers unearth ancient chariot
One of the archaeologists unearths the chariot
The wheels of the chariot are still intact
An Iron Age chariot from about 500 BC has been discovered by engineers working on the new A1 motorway in West Yorkshire.

The site near Ferrybridge is said to hold articles of great significance.

In what seems to be a burial chamber, there are the remains of a man aged about 40 and the bones of 250 cattle, as well as the chariot.

It is thought the cattle could have formed part of a huge funeral feast.

Archaeologists say the chariot appears to have been placed in the pit intact.

Nineteen other chariots have been found buried in Britain, but these have all been near the east coast with none as far west as this discovery.

The finds will shed new light on the tribes that lived in the north of England 2,500 years ago.

Once all the finds have been examined, it is hoped they will be put on display in local museums.

The BBC's Kevin Bocquet
"Archaeologists say it's the most exciting find for years"

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