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Last Updated: Wednesday, 29 October, 2003, 10:27 GMT
Tiny Peewee aims for big time
Pee-wee the hamster
Tiny Pee-wee is smaller than a 50p coin, but may join the big time
A hamster so small he could fit into a match box could well find his way into the Guinness Book of Records.

The tiny creature - called Peewee - is fully grown and yet measures less than one inch in length, weighs less than one ounce and is no higher than a 50p piece.

The tiny rodent's owner, pet shop boss Mandy Bower who breeds hamsters for sale in Keighley, West Yorkshire, says she has never seen anything like him.

"I think he stopped growing at three weeks old, all his brothers and sisters continued growing to around four or six inches, but he just stopped.

"He'll be nine weeks old on Friday and he's from a litter of six."

And Mandy, 36, said he may be small, but he's a little character with a big attitude.

"He's a bit bossy with the others", she added "Hamsters sleep in a big clump and he sleeps under everybody else, in the warmest spot.

"I'm surprised he hasn't been squashed to be honest with you.

"He's always first to the feeding bowl, he's got a massive appetite and the others have to eat their food around him.

Ms Bower told BBC News Online she had contacted the Guinness Book of Records and they have said there are records for the oldest and the biggest hamster, but none for the smallest.

Now global checks are being made to see if tiny Peewee can join the big boys of world records.

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