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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 August, 2003, 08:43 GMT 09:43 UK
Father's plea over troops
Shaun Briarley
Lance Corporal Shaun Briarley was killed in Kuwait
The father of a soldier who was killed in the Gulf has called for British troops to be withdrawn from Iraq.

Peter Brierley says United Nations peacekeepers should replace army patrols on the streets of Baghdad, Basra, and other Iraqi cities.

His son, Lance Corporal Shaun Brierley from Batley, West Yorkshire, died from head injuries after his Land Rover was involved in a road accident in Kuwait on 30 March.

He had been in the army for 10 years and served with the 212 Signals Squadron based at Herford in Germany.

UN peacekeepers

Mr Brierley believes it is time for British soldiers to take a back seat to avoid further fatalities.

He told BBC Radio Leeds: "The troops should definitely be pulled out now because the Iraqis equate the army with the troubles.

"They should let the UN go in with peacekeepers who are not soldiers.

"That's the only way the Iraqis are going to accept what's going on around them."

His comments come after the death of three more British soldiers in Basra over the Bank Holiday weekend.


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