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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 April, 2003, 12:01 GMT 13:01 UK
Tattooist misses second world record
Paul Spiers being tattooed by Dave Banfield
Paul Spiers gets covered from neck to toe

A tattooist who tried to beat his own world record for a single tattoo session was forced to give up through exhaustion.

Dave Banfield, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, attempted to beat his own 28-hour record by adding another eight hours.

But at 22 hours 45 minutes both Dave and his human canvas Paul Spiers decided enough was enough when their energy levels receded.

Erica Maclachlan, who works with Dave at the Tattoo House, said: "It got to 2am and they were both really tired so decided to call it a day."

Body suit

It was the second time the duo had attempted to break the 28-hour barrier, in which Paul was getting a full Japanese body suit.

Erica added: "There has been two full working week's worth of tattooing on Paul - in just three sessions.

"He will have the work completed but every two weeks for a couple of hours at a time like normal people."

Paul is being tattooed from his collar bone to his ankles, although most of it is now complete.

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