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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 April, 2003, 05:44 GMT 06:44 UK
Tracker resumes search for backpacker
Peter Falconio
Bradley Murdoch has been charged with Mr Falconio's death
An Aboriginal tracker plans to resume his hunt for the body of missing backpacker Peter Falconio.

Mr Falconio, of Huddersfield, is believed to have been killed two years ago after stopping on an outback highway in Australia's Northern Territory.

Raymond "Speedy" McGinnis plans to travel to Barrow Creek in July and set up camp close to the spot where the 28-year-old disappeared.

Mechanic Bradley Murdoch, 44, has been charged with the murder of Mr Falconio.

Mr Falconio disappeared on a deserted stretch of highway on 14 July 2001 while travelling with his girlfriend Joanne Lees.

Attempted abduction

Miss Lees told police a gunman ambushed them after flagging down their camper van.

He attacked the couple and attempted to abduct them.

Miss Lees was tied up but she escaped and hid in the bush.

Mr Falconio has not been seen since the attack, although a blood trail was found by the roadside.

Mr Murdoch is expected to go trial for murder in the Northern Territory after the end of a rape trial, which is being held in South Australia.

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