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Plea over cars mounting pavement


Resident Laura Olivier filmed cars mounting the pavement near Sutton Coldfield children walked to school

People living near a railway station have said the area has been made dangerous by motorists driving on the pavement.

Residents in Green Lanes, Sutton Coldfield, said people parking for Chester Road Station meant there was not enough space for traffic.

Laura Olivier, who lives nearby, filmed cars mounting the pavement as children walked to school one morning.

Birmingham City Council said it was looking at ways to improve the road.

Parents walking with their children to school said they had experienced several near-misses in the past.

The motorists parking on the road are leaving their vehicles legally, but people living nearby have urged council chiefs to look at alternatives.

'Absolutely ridiculous'

That could include parking restrictions or making the road a one-way street.

Ms Olivier said: "Children and parents have to move up into people's driveways to avoid the cars driving along the pavement.

"It's absolutely ridiculous. I fear that the council will not do anything until unfortunately someone gets hurt."

The city council said a proposal to paint yellow lines on parts of the road was "unanimously rejected" by residents two years ago.

It said it was hoping to secure funding next year for a one-way system on the street, but that the idea still had to be backed by residents.

The council said officers would continue to monitor whether an extension to the railway car park had made any difference.

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