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Tomato plants mistaken for drug

George Clark-Roden
George Clark-Roden said he planned to dine out on the story

A Wolverhampton man was quizzed by police after someone mistook his tomato plants for cannabis.

George Clark-Roden, of Upper Street, Tettenhall, was questioned on his doorstep by an officer responding to an anonymous tip-off.

They suspected he was growing cannabis plants outside his flat.

West Midlands Police said it had responded to a complaint of cannabis odour coming from the property but officers had found nothing amiss.

Mr Clark-Roden said he answered a knock at his door to see the officer looking at his plants.

He said: "He looked over to me and said 'do all of those plants belong to you?'

"I said 'well yes they do' and he was staring at the tomato plants and I actually said 'do you think they are dope plants' and he looked at me and said 'we have received a complaint'.

"Then I pointed at the tomatoes and we both sort of laughed."

The police officer left after having a quick look around Mr Clark-Roden's flat.

He said he was not upset at the person who made a complaint.

He said: "I think they've got a very fertile imagination but I don't harbour any malice or whatever.

"It's just funny - they've made me laugh and a lot of other people laugh."

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