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'No regrets' for UKIP candidate

Nikki Sinclaire
Nikki Sinclaire told the BBC she did not regret her comments

A UK Independence Party MEP-elect said she did not regret calling three main parties "nothing better than fascist dictators" in her victory speech.

Nikki Sinclaire's original comments came as UKIP secured two of the six seats in the West Midlands in the European elections count last Sunday.

The speech at Birmingham's National Indoor Arena was greeted by jeering.

She told the BBC Politics Show in the Midlands "adrenalin was pumping", but did not regret what she had said.

In the speech, Ms Sinclaire said: "This Lib Lab Con do not believe in democracy.

"For years and years you have failed to give the people a voice on Europe, even though you know the majority of people want to leave the European Union.

"You are nothing better than fascist dictators."

'The vote'

One of the two returning Conservatives, Malcolm Harbour, responded on the night on behalf of the mainstream parties.

In his speech, he said: "I want to remind them (UKIP) that two thirds of the people who voted in this election voted for parties who do not want this country to leave the European Union.

"Now that is democracy and that is the vote and let's be clear about that."

Ms Sinclaire told the BBC programme: "I was delighted to be elected, but I don't regret it (the speech) at all.

"I didn't say Malcolm Harbour, Liz Lynne (of the Liberal Democrats). I said Lib Lab Con.

"What is a fascist? A fascist is a dominating regime that doesn't give a say to its people and is that not the European Union?"

Labour and the Lib Dems took one seat each in the West Midlands.

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