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Fifteen injured as bus hits flats

Bus crash scene
The bus was left stuck in the flat after the incident

Fifteen people have been taken to hospital after a bus crashed into a block of flats in Birmingham.

The single-decker collided with three cars and a van before hitting a flat in a two-storey property on Nursery Road, Lozells, on Thursday evening.

Ten adults and four children on the bus were taken to hospital with minor injuries along with a man in the flat.

The city council is looking to re-house three people in the four flats in the block, police said.

Specialist units

Insp Richard Fisher, from Thornhill Road police, said the bus was coming down Nursery Road/Gerrard Street towards Hockley Circus and apparently collided with a car going the other way.

He said: "This has then caused a collision with a car turning out from a side street (Carpenter's Road) and then there's been a collision with two stationary vehicles - a car and van."

The injured were taken to hospitals including Birmingham Children's Hospital, Selly Oak Hospital and City Hospital.

They included an elderly man from the property, who was not injured by the crash but suffered a flare-up of an existing medical condition.

Karen Shearer
Karen Shearer had just got out of her vehicle when the bus hit it

Karen Shearer, 39, was visiting her mother and had just got out of her Mercedes car when the bus ploughed into it.

She said: "The bus hit my car, my car then hit a van. I had just walked out of the car - it was not even 30 seconds later.

"I turned around and saw my car in the middle of the road and saw the bus in the house.

"There was no screaming and people were coming off the bus in a very organised way.

"My gran lives in the bungalow next door to the house which was hit and she has been told to evacuate. She's staying at my mum's now, which is a couple of doors away."

Most people were released from hospital on Thursday and no-one was expected to be kept in overnight, police said.

Nobody in the cars was injured, the West Midlands force added.

Rubble searched

Six ambulances were sent to the scene, along with two specialist paramedic units.

Afruz Miyah, who lives about 100 yards away in neighbouring Burbury Street, said he heard the bus as it hit the cars and crashed into the property.

He said: "I heard the sound of brakes screeching then heard part of the house falling down.

"I heard the other cars as they got hit. We just came here and some other people called the police. A BMW was the worst damaged."

Specialist fire and rescue crews searched through the debris of the crash to make sure no-one was trapped under rubble.

The bus was still stuck on Thursday evening after the accident at about 1700 BST.

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