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Last Updated: Thursday, 28 February 2008, 11:12 GMT
Ice block drops on football pitch
View of plane's wing as it flies above clouds
The ice block is thought to have fallen from a plane
A block of ice which fell from the sky landed near children playing football on school playing fields.

The ice, described as the size of a shoebox, fell onto grounds at Yardleys Science College in Birmingham near on Friday.

It was thought the ice may have fallen from an aircraft.

Birmingham Airport said there was no evidence of an aircraft flying over the school at that time. It is testing the ice and investigating the incident.

Test results from the block of ice should come back by next week.

Pupils have described seeing the ice fall from the sky.

One girl said: "On the day it happened, everyone was going round having pictures on their phones and they were saying 'have you heard about the comet?'

"Everyone was saying it was a comet - but it wasn't."

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