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Last Updated: Thursday, 8 November 2007, 15:51 GMT
Fake clothes factory discovered
The industrial unit where the clothes were found
Embroidery machines and computer equipment were also found
A fake designer clothes factory thought to be the largest discovered in the West Midlands has been found in a Birmingham suburb.

Police discovered the counterfeiting operation in the Kings Heath area after thieves tried to ram-raid the industrial unit on Thursday morning.

Trading standards leaders said the clothes would have been sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

They said the discovery was "definitely the biggest in Birmingham".

'Thousands of clothes'

Investigators found expensive embroidery machines and computer equipment which the people behind the operation used to create copies of designer brands.

Police are now looking for the factory's owners.

Chris Neville, of Birmingham Trading Standards, said: "This is definitely the biggest quantity of counterfeit clothing that we have come across in one place in Birmingham.

"It is probably the biggest that has been found in the region.

"There are hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of merchandise there. There must be thousands of clothes in there."

The clothes would have sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds

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