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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 October 2007, 10:13 GMT 11:13 UK
City's first car share lane nears
City centre
The plan aim to reduce traffic congestion into the city
The first designated "car share" lane in Birmingham will open next month.

The lane, between Spitfire Island and Ashted Circus on the A47 Heartlands Spine Road, will operate during morning rush hour for a 12-month trial period.

Only vehicles carrying the driver and at least one other person will be admitted to the lane, in a bid to ease congestion into the city centre.

Birmingham City Council has created a website for potential car sharers to link up with each other.

'Reduce pollution'

Councillor Len Gregory, cabinet member for transportation and street services, said: "I am delighted to launch this scheme which should provide quicker and more reliable journey times for car sharers.

"It will also help to reduce traffic congestion and have a beneficial environmental impact due to the reduction in air and noise pollution."

He said aspects such as journey times and safety would be monitored and if considered successful more car share lanes may be introduced in the city.

The lane, which will be marked and sign-posted, will operate between 0700 and 1000 BST on weekdays from 19 November.

First car-share lane to be built
20 Mar 06 |  Bradford

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