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Baby abandoned on house doorstep
Robert Couglan
Mr Coughlan wrapped the baby boy in a blanket
A newborn boy, with his umbilical cord cut and clamped, has been found outside a house in the West Midlands.

The house owner, in Tile Cross, Birmingham, called an ambulance after hearing the baby crying.

Paramedics said if it had happened later the owner would have been out and the baby exposed to the cold for hours.

The child was found lying on a concrete step and was cold but otherwise healthy. The baby has been taken to Heartlands Hospital in east Birmingham.

I opened the front door and saw this little baby, he only looked a few hours old
Robert Coughlan

The man who found the baby, Robert Coughlan, 23, said he had been in the bath when he heard crying.

"I thought it was the television. But then I heard it again.

"I opened the front door and saw this little baby, he only looked a few hours old."

He told BBC News there was no knock on the door and there was no-one in the street.

"I don't know why they chose my house. I am the first one in the row so that may be it," he added.

While waiting for the emergency services he even changed the boy's nappy.

The doorstep where the baby was found
The baby was lying on a concrete doorstep

"I put him down on the floor so he was nice and warm and I put the fire on.

"He was smelling a bit so I changed his nappy. I had one lying around the house from when my nephew and niece are here."

An ambulance service spokeswoman said the fact the baby's cord had been clamped appears to show he was born with proper medical supervision.

The ambulance service was called to the house, in Rycroft Grove, shortly before 1100 BST on Monday.

"The baby boy was very cold having been lying on a concrete step, but he was very alert," emergency medical technician Steve Howard said.

The baby boy, thought to be hours old, had been left wearing an all-in-one babygrow.

Heartlands Hospital spokeswoman Lisa Dunn said: "The baby is doing well and is under the expert care of hospital staff."

The baby was found by a man who heard him crying

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