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Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 October 2007, 11:12 GMT 12:12 UK
Force rated among best performers
West Midlands Police is among the best performing forces in England and Wales, according to Home Office figures.

It was rated "excellent" for its implementation of neighbourhood policing, where dedicated staff are accountable for each area.

It was rated "good" for tackling crime, serious crime and public protection, satisfaction, fairness, and efficiency.

Protecting the vulnerable and its tackling of public perceptions of high crime were rated "fair".

'Falling crime'

None of the force's performance areas were given a "poor" rating.

Chief Constable Sir Paul Scott-Lee said: "The long-term picture in the West Midlands shows crime is at the lowest since 1997/8, house burglary is at lowest for 27 years and vehicle crime is at the lowest since 1976.

He added that the public's fear of crime had not reduced by the same level but independent surveys commissioned by the force suggested that more than 70% of people felt their fear of crime had a "minimal impact" on their lives.

The force scored 13 points in the 2006-2007 Home Office performance table.

The best performing forces in England and Wales were Lancashire and Surrey, while Bedfordshire was the worst with one point.


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